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                                             Mike Paul Kuekuatsheu / Ashuapmushuan - CD – Propagande (

Mike Paul is a Nutshimiulnu singer-songwriter born in Mashteuiatsh (Pointe-Bleue) an Innu community located on the shores of Pekuakamit (Lac St Jean) located on the unceded Nitassinan, traditional territory of the Innu people. He is one of the pioneers of his community in the music industry where he has worked for 26 years. Winner of Indigenous superstars Awards 2022 in 2 category best folk rock and best indigenous language album. Nominated for the Cannadian folk music award 2020 and the indigenous music awards in 2019. The friendly Wolverine (Kuekuatsheu) is back in force with his 3rd album Ashuapmushuan (where we watch the original). Guided by the river and the spirit of the winds, his voice resonates in the universe for the protection of the living on Assi (land) and for the pride of the millennial culture of its Ilnu people of hunter-gatherers. The recipient of the CALQ 2019 offers us a magnificent colorful album with rich folk, rock and traditional tones that takes us to the heart of Nutshimit (inland) and the myths and legends of the First Peoples. Directed by Francis Perron with the collaborations of Jean-Claude Tremblay, Frédéric Desautels, Jean-pierre Boutin, Hugo St-Laurent and the collaboration of artists Andrée Lévesque (Wendat) and Valérie Hamelin (M'ikmaq). Mike has performed numerous concerts in Brittany, France, USA, Canada, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. He has appeared in numerous live television shows, including TAM 1 and 3, Makusham, Radio Canada program Sortir, la petite seduction, INDIGENOUS DAY LIVE 2018 in Ottawa. He composed soundtracks for television shows including Mishkuenita on APTN. Two-time finalist as songwriter for the Objectif scène. Mike is also a storyteller and speaker on First Peoples culture.


Michael Paul

418 520 4404

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 video and live music

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tournée Origine 2019

2 Février, 2019, Ville de Québec, Sunrise record de la capitale

4 Février, 2019,19h Ville de Québec, complexe Méduse, chansons chuchotés

4 février, 2019,21h, Ville de Québec, complexe Méduse, chansons chuchotés

5 Février, 2019,19h Ville de Québec, complexe Méduse, chansons chuchotés

5 Février, 2019,21h Ville de Québec, complexe Méduse, chansons chuchotés

16 février, 2019, Pont-Rouge, Fête aux Flambeaux

6 Mars, 2019, Semaine interculturel, Ville de lasalle

10 Mars, 2019, 19h Bar le Jokey, Montréal

23 Mars, 2019,21h, Montreal,Coop des récoltes

24 Mars, Ville de Québec, Bibliothèque Paul-Aimé-Paiement

10 Avril, 2019, Gaspé, Cégep

28 Avril, 2019, Montréal, Bibliothèques Langelier

29 Avril, 2019, Montreal, UQAM

2 mai,2019, Ville de Québec, école grande Hermine, 12h

2 mai, 2019, Montréal, L’escalier 22h

17 mai, 2019, Winnipeg, Indigenous music Awards

30 mai,2019, Sutton, salle Alec et Gérard pelletier

1e Juin, 2019, Montréal, Fêtes de la famille

20 Juin, Lachine, Blibliothèque Saul Bellow

21 juin 2019, Gatineau, festival Outaouais en fêtes

26 Juin, 2019, 19h30, Tadoussac, Auberge de Jeunesse,

27 Juin, 2019, 19h, Gibard café bar,OFF festival de la chanson de Tadoussac

28 Juin, 2019, La Malbaie, auberge de jeunesse

29 Juin, 2019, Verchère, Maison de jeunes de Verchères 

5 Juillet, Chambly, 2019

6 juillet, 2019, festival du monde St Jérôme

11 Juillet, 2019, Metabetchouan, concert au camp musicale

2 Aout, 2019, Plessiville, fetes Africaine

3, 4 aout, 2019, Edmunston(NB), Foire Brayonne

9 Aout, 2019, St Gédéon, Auberge de Jeunesse

26 Octobre, 2019, Vieux Couvent, St-Prime

5 décembre, 2019, Bibliothèque St-Augustin

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